Violence in the schools of america

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How can we stop school violence?

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No other developed nation comes close to the rate of US gun violence. Americans own an estimated m guns, more than one gun for every adult.

Data from the Gun Violence Archive reveals there is a. A group of academics who study school violence recently released a list of suggestions that includes restricting gun access and increasing mental health services. And as most have already heard, students across the country are walking out of school Wednesday to call for more gun control.

Jun 11,  · A fatal shooting in Oregon on Tuesday was the 31st firearms attack at a U.S. school since the start of the year, marking a sharp acceleration in the rash of violence. Apr 20,  · The count now stands at more thanchildren at schools. The Post has found that at least children, educators and other people have been killed in.

Violence in schools: Research findings on underlying dynamics, response and prevention

Dec 14,  · Timeline: School violence in the U.S. - CNN.

Violence in the schools of america
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