Time capsule writing activity for middle school

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Create a Back to School Time Capsule!

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Make a Teen Years Time Capsule

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Fun Activities: Get the School Year Off To a Good Start Every teacher has a different approach to the first few days of school. Whatever your approach, Education World has an activity for you! Monart School of Art, Houston and Pearland is a family-owned and operated school which sets the foundation for tomorrow’s artists through educational art classes, camps, and after-school programs.

8th Grade Time Capsule Assignment. Goal – To create a time capsule that will allow you to choose primary sources from your own life that will help you see how much you will change this school year. Assignment. Complete the attached questionnaire. Answer. Activity Ideas for Middle School Students 1.

Capture your session with photos. Create a time capsule. have mastered a very special art of writing. It is a great way to address party invitations, greeting cards, middle school graduation invitations, etc.

What You Do: Tell your child you’re going to create a special time capsule all about him. He can use it to document an event in his life (like his graduation from kindergarten, a summer vacation, a family trip) or his likes and dislikes (favorite foods, friends, movies, books, and more) for a certain time period.

Jul 06,  · Gathering artifacts for a time capsule is a significant activity: when your child places items in her time capsule before the first day of school, she is able to reflect on the summer, the previous school year, and what she has learned and experienced, /5().

Time capsule writing activity for middle school
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