Jeff varley high school starting time

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Annual Report 2017

Unit 9. 3: Transcending Time and Pl ace Enduring Understandings • Literature reflects the history of a people and enriches its culture. • Particular conventions and characteristics define literary genres.

• Effective readers, writers, and speakers engage actively with text to create meaning. CLASS INSTRUCTORS (alphabetical).

November 5th

Annmarie Acosta – Piano Accordion (All Levels) Annmarie Acosta studied traditional Irish dance and music in New York, learning from some of the best teachers, including Jerry Mulvihill, Donny Golden, and the late Maureen Glynn Connolly.

In Annmarie became the senior All-Ireland champion in the accompaniment category at the fleadh cheoil. Summary #4 summarize essay “High School Starting Time” Jeff Varley first draft due Nov 12 Topics for Proposal essay due Nov 12 Possible quiz on essay reading Nov Unit 9.

3: Transcending Time and Pl ace Enduring Understandings “High School Starting Time” Jeff Varley “Not Your Everyday Homeless Proposal” Gary Beck “The Vegetable- Industrial Complex” Michael Pollan.

Poetry “Purgatory” Maxine Kumin. Wordplay is now complete! The winners for are listed first. Congratulations to Anne Del Campo for her creative and pithy first place winner.

Jeff varley high school starting time
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