Graduation speech its time to say goodbye

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Saying Goodbye

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Graduation is Here, and it’s Time to Say Goodbye—and Be Grateful

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May 22,  · 2 islands and a peninsula presents the final videos Time to say goodbye to everyone and many things will be missed, its been fun but its time to go. Sasenarine Tomby Graduation Speech Good afternoon [name of members of the head table], teachers, parents, students, fellow graduates and distinguished guests.

I must first and foremost thank God for this blessing and honor to stand before you today as Valedictorian of the Class of With graduation fast-approaching, seniors are inundated with every emotion: bittersweet nostalgia, pride, and anticipation for the future.

They’re yearning to make their mark on the world, while wishing to relive freshman year (for just a day). They’re ready to embark on a new beginning, but not entirely ready to close this chapter.

But now it's time to say "good-bye" To all my preschool friends. School is over, summer's here, But learning never ends! TO Our Preschoolers: Preschool Graduation Poems From YOU to THEM! Great Expectations. Author Unknown. It’s time to say good-bye.

Our class has come to an end. I’ve made more cherished memories. And many more friends. Looking back, I am not sure if it is easier to say goodbye and leave or say goodbye and have people leave you. This is a tough day for me as the grade 6 students here are extremely special to us.

They took ME under their wing as soon as I came here emsured I was always taken care of. The community and its members have always supported us as much as possible, and now is our time to say Thank you. Thank you teachers, family and friends for all that you have done and all that you will continue to do as our senior class goes on with our lives.

Preschool Graduation Poems Graduation speech its time to say goodbye
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