Ethos education and school

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Hertford’s only Co-educational Independent School for ages 2-11

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The. Ethos Education Group Who We Are The Ethos Pedagogy Platform is a collection of written, online, and seminar tools that engage, motivate, and inspire our youth as they move along the path of evolution from childhood to adulthood.

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Sending a cheque directly to Ethos Education, PO BoxSouthampton, SO15 9GP. Making a once-off or monthly donation directly into our account. Please email us for the bank details and/or to receive a standing order form.

Find schools in your area. To find a school, select the school level and geographical area. You may wish to refine your search by selecting Ethos, Language of Instruction and/or Gender. Welcome To Overton Grange School. Overton Grange School: an Academy committed to providing excellent secondary education for the local community.

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ETHOS Innovation Center helps children and adults engage with science and technology through hands-on programs and events. We offer opportunities to connect science to everyday life through problem-solving, discovery and critical thinking. We also help classroom teachers and their students meet and exceed the benchmarks set by national standardized tests.

Gradgrind ethos spells hard times for schools Ethos education and school
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