English literature graduation thesis

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Online English Graduate Programs

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It will have an outstanding success if you use our service right now. Graduation Requirements Students in the literature specialization can choose to complete a thesis or an exit project. Both options require the student to submit a prospectus that is approved by a committee of at least three faculty members (one of whom is the project director) who will consult with the student throughout the course of the project.

The thesis prospectus should be signed by the thesis mentor and the second readers and submitted to the graduate coordinator by the last day of classes in the semester prior to writing the thesis. The completed and signed thesis is due in the graduate studies office by November 1 for fall graduation, April 1 for spring graduation, and June 10 for summer graduation.

Filter your search for Online Graduate Programs in English Literature at the Masters or Doctoral levels. Then, easily apply through video-accident.com To cap their studies, online students may need to successfully complete a wide-ranging exam, write and defend a thesis.

To fulfill these requirements, a full-time student might need one to two. Graduate Thesis Literature Review Thesis Literature Review Literature reviews can be some of the most difficult assignments that you have to complete, especially at the graduate level or for an advanced assignment like the thesis.

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About the BA Project - Honors - Janel Mueller Undergraduate Thesis Prize Please note that the English Department no longer offers the Creative BA options. Instead, students interested in completing a Creative BA Project should elect the major in Creative Writing that was launched in Autumn

English literature graduation thesis
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Graduation Requirements