An examination of the issues of gun control and violence on individual school shooting

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How The Media, Gun Control Advocates Misrepresent Facts On School Shootings

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Gun Control essay papers

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Gun Control and School Violence

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The tragic mass killings at that Connecticut school will undoubtedly spur renewed calls for gun control. According to one criminologist, that would be a welcome but somewhat ironic development, since mass school shootings seldom provide compelling evidence in favor of more restrictions on weapons.

It is unknown whether keeping a firearm in the home confers protection against crime or, instead, increases the risk of violent crime in the home. To study risk factors for homicide in the home. There is already a large literature on anti-Chinese violence in North America during the 19th and early 20th centuries: an important recent example is Jean Pfaelzer's Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans ().

We do not propose to recaptulate this literature here, and in any case we feel that Chinese-American historiography is not greatly in need of still more victim. OVERVIEW. As early asit was estimated that more had been written about "gun control" than all other crime-related topics combined.

Yet this pre academic literature was both fundamentally flawed and severely biased. Back to: Issues And Action / More Issues / School Safety / Three Keys to School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention.

Three Keys to School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention. yet there is a huge shortage of school counselors, school social workers and school psychologists in public education.

From a Vox article on America’s Gun Problem, Explained: “On Wednesday, it happened again: There was a mass shooting — this time, in San Bernardino, California. And once again on Sunday, President Barack Obama called for measures that make it harder for would-be shooters to buy deadly firearms.

An examination of the issues of gun control and violence on individual school shooting
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